About us

We are the Best Refrigrants Company in Nigeria

Bro Cele Company Limited was established in 1983 with the aim of providing solutions to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

Bro Cele Company Limited has always played a vital role in Refrigeration in Nigeria. Distributing only high quality and genuine products into the market. No wonder we are considered the "ultimate" in refrigeration.

Bro Cele Company Limited recognizes that Community Affairs, Quality, Environmental, Security and Health & Safety issues relevant to our operations are a fundamental part of our business. Hence in carrying out all our operations, we shall strive to achieve a balance that addresses the needs of the business with the responsibilities required to maintain Community Affairs, Quality, Environment, Health, Safety and Security. Bro Cele Company Limited will promote, wherever possible, its commitment to best practice (Company Policy available on request)

Our products are certified by NAFDAC and SON. As the manufacturer's sole representative, we assure you of great and continual quality products and at unbeatable prices as it is our priority and principle to only supply genuine and quality services.

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