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Harp Refrigerant Gas 410A is a zero ozone depletion (ODP) hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant blend. Harp® 410A is a binary blend of R32 and R125 (50%/50%) developed as a replacement refrigerant for air conditioning applications. It has higher refrigerating capacity and pressure and should not be used as a retrofit refrigerant in existing R22 equipment.

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Refrigeration and air conditioning technologies have thrived and become commonplace built upon the solid foundation of safe and efficient working fluids. However, regulations relating to the production of chlorine containing refrigerants which deplete stratospheric ozone means that the industry faces a number of years of unprecedented changes. In order to effectively service modern society’s need for refrigeration, long term and transitional replacement products have been developed for new applications and for the servicing of installed equipment. Whatever the needs are, Harp has the solution.

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Bro Cele Company Limited (BCCL) was established in 1983 with the aim of providing solutions to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. We have always played a vital role in Refrigeration in Nigeria, distributing only high quality and genuine products into the market. No wonder we are considered the best refrigeration company in Nigeria.

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